Pendle Ruins – Malkins Tower Abandoned Witch Cottage

Pendle Ruins – Malkins Tower Abandoned Witch Cottage

The Pendle witch trails of 1612 ended with the hanging of 9 women and 1 man all given trails and found guilty of murder through their believed black magic ways. This abandoned witch cottage was found near Lower Black Moss around the Pendle Hill area during a construction project in Lancashire. The home is thought to have been the house of one of the Pendle witch families.

abandoned witch cottage

Swear their homage to ye devil

A mummified cat body was allegedly found in the walls and the site is in remarkably good condition. This furthers speculation that this may in fact be Malkin Tower.

A scholar of the 1600’s, Richard James stated, “Malkin’s Tower, a little cottage where reporte makes caitive witches meete to swear their homage to ye devil.” Read more on the Pendle Witches here.

Abandoned Witch Cottage

Also, the area is very popular with those interested in ghosts and witchcraft. The Most Haunted show visited the site and documented their experience in 2004. Many people hike the path from the reservoir to the top of the hill during Halloween.

Finally, you can read Mist Over Pendle by Robert Neill and The Spook’s Battle by Joseph Delan. Both of these are set in this historic area.

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