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The Abandoned Stone Bathroom House in Oregon

The Abandoned Stone Bathroom House in Oregon

Balch Creek flows from the Tualatin Mountains spilling its bubbling water along the wooded range. Nestled amongst the green lay of nature lies this abandoned Oregon bathroom.

In 1930 the Federal Works Progress Administration built this rock building as a bathroom facility. They city maintained it as a public restroom until 1962. Nature since has claimed the stones as their own and is slowly taking it back.

abandoned oregon bathroom

Heritage Tree 134 is the largest tree around the park and is located right near the former building.

Image by Finetooth/Wikimedia Commons and used under CC by SA 3.0.


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United States

Roofless Abandoned Auto Shop Body Building

Roofless Abandoned Auto Shop Body Building

They are weird, they are open and they remain as silent walls. This abandoned auto shop is one concrete businesses built out of cinder blocks in the mid 19th century in the United States can all but disappear. Built with bonding and their foundations were hardy.

Abandoned auto shop

Easy, convenient and paint-able these structures sheltered the lives of many running auto body shops.

Below, floors and walls of an mechanic shop.

Abandoned auto shopAbandoned auto shop

Abandoned auto shop

Located near Oxford Furnace this former shop gave business to those in Rustburg and Concord. Tons of these remain, two others on 501. Green curtains remain twisted, weathered and dangling.

Abandoned auto shop

So many places that fell to the wayside as Jiffy Lube, Tire Os and Pep Boys have taken over. You read up on a few places and cars left behind here.

Abandoned auto shop

Absent wind but filled with whatever overhead weather including : rain, sleet, snow and sunshine. Some people found them ugly or too plain but they offer a sturdy working space. Moving a drain or two could be a chore or wiring perchance a problem but overall a healthy view on what happens to outdated structures.

Abandoned auto shop

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Abandoned Robot Building of Russia

Abandoned Robot Building

Towering and dominant this structure is lies on the former grounds of the House of Soviets in Victory Square of Kaliningrad, Russia. With a robust architectural design it is also known as the abandoned robot building.

The edifice resides on the part of Königsberg Castle grounds that were destroyed in 1944. Before 1945, this land resided in Königsberg, Germany. The castle burned down following the Second World War at the bombing of Königsberg.

The structural plans were demanding but were put into play in the 1960’s intending, to be a central administration building. As it was being built in the 1980’s it began to sink down into the unsound soil at the foundation. This was due to the old castle’s lower levels, tunnels and moats.

Through-out the years many attempts to get this fortress like structure finished have been pursued but pressures of money cost have caused delays. The inside of this building is left unfinished but the outside was completed in 2005.  Some want to rebuild the castle others think it will cost too much and for now a cobblestone square was set.

Revenge of the Prussians

Sprawling graffiti is dotted along the stairs leading up to grounds. Even though some entrances have been blocked this does not stop people from gaining access. Nature has also begun to grow up around the steps leading towards its doors.

Nick names such as “Monster” and “Revenge of the Prussians” are due to the dislike of the decades long view of the abandoned building. Many residents find the structure to be an eyesore. Such architecture like this, Brutalism, was favored for government projects around this time. Even a part béton brut, with the exposed concrete.

Along the road of Ulitsa Shevchenko, 8, Konigsberg, Kaliningradskaya oblast’ of Russia you will see this towering architecture.

Are you looking for this masterpiece? You can find this sovereign abandoned robot building with these coordinates. 54.709788, 20.512493.

Photos by Felipe Tofani / Flickr.

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Forgotten Springburn Halls Abandoned in Scotland

Abandoned in Scotland

Forgotten and abandoned in Scotland since the 1980’s because of decay. The Halls were a gift to the people of Springburn by Sir Hugh Reid. William B White was the architect for the building. Lastly, the incredible statues and sculptures by James M Sherriff.

Built in 1899 out of red sandstone ashler and stylized in an Italian Renaissance style. Furthermore, the glorious hues and colors of this building were due to hematite (iron oxides) residing in the make up of these bricks bits of clastic sedimentary rock.

A different place for public gatherings was preferred by the people of Glasgow because this building was so small. The building took a lot of money to up keep and have running. Later, it was used as a sports centre.

“Let Glasgow Flourish”

Opened in 1902 with the inscription “Let Glasgow Flourish”. Represented to this day on Glasgow’s coat of arms it is from Saint Mungo and the Four Miracles. “Let Glasgow flourish by the preaching of His word and the praising of His name” is the full motto.

The Glasgow District Council closed this establishment in May of 1985 due to dry rot problem. The Springburn Halls had several renovation proposals including an office and childcare center. Consequently, extensive labor costs derailed these renovations caused the building to remain cast aside.

After its abandonment moss, small trees and all sorts of growing things took over. With windows missing on the top floor birds made homes inside and out. Nature began reclaiming this vacant building in a growing urbanizing area.

Finally, the demolition of this building occurred in 2012; the sandstone turned to rubble. You can find the empty lot at 46 Keppochhill Road, Glasgow, Scotland.

You can find this spot with these coordinates. 55.880115, -4.235042

Images 1, 2 and 3 by Michelle O’Connell/Flickr used under CC license.

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